Does HNS conduct camps year round for boys and girls?

Yes, HNS believes in developing the necessary skills for boys and girls.

What age group attends your camp and how will they be divided?

For camps, we will accept 5 year old to 14 year olds.  When youth arrive, we will do an evaluation and divide participants into groups by skill set or ages.  If your child can play two levels up, we will place him against the better talent.  We will always make sure each child is placed in a situation to learn and succeed.

What is the coach; participant ratio?

Our average camp is six hours long.  During those times, we have one counselor: 8 to 12 participants.  Participants will be introduced to their counselors at the beginning of camp.  Participants will get some background on their counselors past experience in sports and academics.  After a short Q & A from the participants, we will move to the next scheduled activity.