With the leadership of Coach Hines, we are proud to say that Hoops N Sand program is currently training hundreds of kids who are playing on their local feeder teams, recreational teams, middle school teams, church teams, high school teams, college or even have gone to play professionally. With Coach Hines international style of training, players will be challenged each and every practice to do their best in order to get the best results. HNS is all about developing the student first and the athlete second.


“Coach Sam” truly loves children and loves coaching and instilling in children self- motivation, ownership of hard work and accomplishment, teamwork, and the love of sports and physical fitness.  With coach, it’s not the winning, it’s the pride the children put into the effort that he stresses and celebrates in his students.  I know from personal conversation with Coach Sam, that he coaches his son in basketball, baseball and football and brings this same motivation and excitement to the recreation level as well. It is with enthusiasm that I give personal and professional recommendation of Coach Sam Hines.
P. Kay Paschal, Owner Peachtree Park Prep (DAYCARE)


We are without a doubt big fans of Sam and his coaching style and ability to motivate.  He connects with the kids in such an inspirational way teaching them that life is about so much more than basketball but that it can start with the game.  Turner has blossomed as a basketball player and as a young man under his direction.  We often are asked who taught Turner how to play and we consistently point to Sam.  We are truly blessed by how much he cares for Turner as a player and as a child.
Turner Rosenbaum, Peter, Kristi


Dear Coach Sam, thank you so much for teaching me how to play basketball.  You taught me how to be a better point guard.
Kaleb Harris #32 (Ballers)


I am so glad you are my coach. You have taught me so much about basketball. I am doing my push-ups so that I get stronger.
Casey Young #4 (Ballers & 2008-2009)


Thanks for the time, energy and effort put forth in your summer programs. Thanks for your generosity and kindness. I hope and pray to see you again next year. May God forever bless you and your family. 
Nicole & Ashley Phelps


Thank you for being my coach. I learned how to shoot right. I had lots of fun.
Kyle Montgomery


Thanks for teaching me how to set good picks on offense and on defense how to help my teammates. 


You taught me how to keep my dribble until I shoot or pass. Thanks for being a good coach and giving us McDonalds


Thank you for coaching me this year. I had so much fun and learned a lot.
David Kramer Winter


Thank you for the AMC movie gift card and Chick Filet milkshake coupon. Both will be used very soon. Lance enjoyed playing on the team this spring and he learned a lot of new skills.  Have a wonderful summer. Thank you so much for all the time, energy, passion and invaluable teaching you have given the boys!
Jan (Lance) Stechschulte